Our Company

AMBiT helps clients achieve their objectives by providing Project Management, Business Analysis, and Change Management services. We work with clients throughout the project lifecycle, concentrating on delivering scope within schedule and budget as well as meeting strategic objectives. AMBiT is an independent firm with no formal vendor affiliations, enabling us to consistently act in our clients' best interest.

Why Choose Ambit

Our clients turn to AMBiT when they have high risk, high visibility initiatives that must succeed. Whatever their size or nature, these are key strategic projects for the organizations undertaking them. We consistently deliver projects that meet their primary objectives, often under tight schedule and budget constraints. AMBiT has also achieved dramatic cost and schedule reductions while maintaining scope.

AMBiT's driving philosophy is that effective project execution is based on superior analytical assessment. Our goal is not only to deliver on-time and on-budget, but also to engage in knowledge transfer and capacity building in our clients' organizations so they can sustain initiatives over the long term.

AMBiT's methods and tools are based on deep experience and are rooted in industry best practices, including the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the International Institute of Business Analysis' Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), and Prosci Change Management methodology.

Independent Representatives for Our Clients

AMBiT resources are client advocates. We do not create or sell tools or technologies and have no conflicting interests. Our ultimate goal is to enable organizational transformation by assisting our clients to meet their objectives. This means supporting our clients in selecting the best project to meet their objectives and supporting capacity building for long term sustainment.

2015 Environmental Prosepctus

AMBiT Consulting strives to minimize its negative environmental impact and be at the forefront of corporate environmental initiatives. AMBiT approaches its environmental efforts with the same rigour as the programs it manages, leading to the following three Principles:

AMBiT's Principles

  1. Avoid environmental impact where possible. Where avoidance is not possible, mitigate.
  2. Quantify impact and openly share results with internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Certify activities to support high quality environmental stewardship and discourage "green washing".

In support of these principles, AMBiT has made the following commitments:

  • Minimize footprint:
    • Carbon Offsetting: Offset all unavoidable carbon emissions with gold-certified carbon offset credits purchased through Planetair — the same quality of offsets purchased by the David Suzuki Foundation. AMBiT recently offset 38.02 tonnes of CO2 for travel in 2014.
    • Clean Power: Reduce carbon footprint and loss of ecosystems by purchasing wind-generated electricity from Bullfrog Power.  AMBiT purchased 18MWH to offset power used in 2014.  Because British Columbia satisfies its excess power requirements from dirty power sources, AMBiT's purchasing agreement results in a high marginal benefit to the environment.
    • Reduce travel by videoconferencing: Limit the need to fly and drive to client sites by implementing videoconferencing solutions in the AMBiT office. In AMBiT's first year with videoconferencing (2009), AMBiT reduced car traffic by approximately half for local meetings and avoided an estimated 8 tonnes of annualized CO2 emissions from otherwise expected flying. It is estimated that this benefit is ongoing, fluctuating with AMBiT's size and mix of client locations.
  • Office Paper:
    • Measurement and Transparency: Measure office paper use to quantify success of reduction efforts. AMBiT used approximately 3 cases of paper in 2014 in an office of approximately twelve employees.
    • Ethical sourcing: Mitigate effects of paper consumption by purchasing 100% post-consumer recycled printer paper that is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • Leverage client purchasing agreements:
    • AMBiT policy is to request that all public sector clients include environmental performance criteria within any procurement effort AMBiT manages.
    • AMBiT currently manages approximately $2 million in procurement for its clients every year.
  • Communicate:
    • AMBiT reviews its environmental progress at staff meetings every six months to ensure that employee activities are aligned with AMBiT's environmental commitments.
    • AMBiT places an updated environmental prospectus on its website every year to ensure full transparency, including quantitative measures of AMBiT's environmental footprint.